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Theodor Wirth Park

Theodor Wirth Park in Minneapolis St Paul - Pavers in Trail to Prevent Erosion
Length of ride:4 - 1/2
Difficulty:Easy to Moderate
Description of Ride: Theodore Wirth Park
This trail is one that was built by the Minneapolis Park Board and the Minneapolis Offroad Cycling Advocates (MOCA). It is in two parts, one in a small section of woods located at the corner of Olson Memorial Hwy, and Theodore Wirth Pky. There is a map board located on the corner and the trail starts right behind it. The mountain bike trail map is located on one panel, the south facing one, and other information and maps are located on the other panels. The trails are all one way.
The first trail, that I think is somewhat less then a mile, heads off to the west edge of the park, and follows the boundary. I road this loop three times, and every time there was a chipmunck that had his home in the middle of the track. Every time I came through, he would be sitting in the trail, and would dash into the hole in the middle of the single track.
The track itself was narrow and ran up and down along a slope. It was easy to ride, toward the north end there was a couple of obstacles, in the form of some rocks and a couple of small logs. One section that had a row of cement paver stones going down a slope. At the end of the track there is a row of rocks that has to be bumped up and over to make the trail end. Be sure and have enough momentum to lift your front end when you hit them, and a single crank well get you over. The return track runs along the ridge back to the trail head. It has some more challenging obstacles along it. One section where there are a bunch of logs laying perpendicular to the trail with a couple of larger logs on top of them. The formation makes a ramp up and down, then up and down again. I went around it, because I didn't like the layout. The trail beyond the logs has a few small rock obstacles and a couple of swooping banked turns. Lots of fun. If you come to the log obstacle and like me, find it a little too much, then be sure to walk your bike over it and ride the rest of the trail instead of taking the alternate route that takes you out to the paved path.
The second trail is further on down the road. If instead of making the return loop along the ridge, you go out onto the paved trail and ride north a ways, there is a second trail. The trail head is not real obvious. To find the path, ride around the gate on the roadway that parallels the golf coarse. The golf coarse is not obvious ether. Ride down the road for quarter mile or so, and there well be a trail sign and map on the south side. The trail is about three miles in length and serpentines through the woods. It makes some small climbs and is a fairly easy ride. Some small obstacles and a few narrow places, but all in all the ride is easy to intermediate. Watch out for other riders, because the regular users are very tuned into the trail and hit it hard. There is supposed to be an advanced loop off this trail, but I missed it.
The trails here are closed if the ground is wet. The soil won't hold up to the heavy use by the public when it is wet. When I road it, it was dry and the sign on the map said trail open.
A Technical Section in Theodor Wirth Park, Minneapolis St Paul Minnesota