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Afton Alps

Marked Trails
Length of ride: 6+ Miles
Difficulty: Moderate

Description of Ride: Afton Alps
This ride is in Minnesota, I was there on business and took my bike. This is actually a golf coarse in the summer, and a ski resort in the winter. They have put in a trail for mountain bikes, and charge $8.00 for a ticket. I assume the ticket is good for the day but I didn't get there until after 6:00 so I only made one ride around the route. I didn't have my odometer on so I didn't get any mileage, but if I were to guess I would say I road about six to seven miles.
After getting a ticket bracelet, the man in the club house gave me a map and told me to ride down past the green behind the club house and the start and end of the trail were located at the edge of the fairway.
The map indicated there were a lot of loops coming off of a main route that ran around the circumference of the ski resort. The trails were marked with signs that indicated the level of difficulty. Ranging from easy to expert. I road the full range, but did not rid every loop. I found the expert loops were mainly steeper, usually lose rock and some roots crossings. I only dismounted one time, when on one of the expert loops. It dropped at a very steep angle for about six feet. I would have ridden it, but at the bottom of the drop the incline flattened out very quickly. I got off my bike and skidded it down the incline while I tried to keep my footing as I slid down.
There was one other place where I had to scooter along, using my foot to maintain myself as I eased my self down through a rocky incline.
I did see a deer on one of the fair ways toward the middle of the ride, and a little later on there was a turkey at the edge of some woods and brush. There was one loop that was mostly up hill, an expert loop, that was fun. It was very steep in a couple of places, and in one place they had covered the hillside with some rubber matting so you could get a purchase on the lose surface. There was also a bridge crossing on this loop. In fact the name of the loop was bridge crossing.
The only negative thing I have to comment on is the trail markings were confusing. I had a very hard time making out what trail I was on, and what the name of the trail loops were. I kept seeing signs that read "Citizen", and another that I cant remember, but never was able to determine if that was the name of the trail I was on, or if the sign indicated that the trail was up ahead. When I returned and asked the attendant, he said he didn't know but thought that was the name of a race they held at some frequency that he wasn't sure of ether. He thought it was once a week.
All in all, the ride here is ether up hill or down, fairly challenging, and definitely worth the eight bucks they charge for the ticket. But then I enjoy the uphill challenge almost as much as the downhill run.

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