A 9 speed 26er Mountain Bike Worksheet

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Frames Wt Grams $ Cost  
I have my own Frame
09 KHS XC 204 Frame with RockShox Bar 1.1 Air Shock OE 3171g $399.99
Scott Scale 40 Frame 1590g $804.99
LOOK Cycle986 Origin Pro Team 1300g $1199.97
Yeti 575 Carbon Frame 2009 2945g $1249.00
Santa Cruz Bicycles Nickel Frame 3488g $1464.95
Scott Spark 40 Frame 1790g $1724.99
Yeti AS-R 5 Carbon Frame '10 2152g $1837.50
Front Derailleur: Wt Grams $ Cost  
I have my own Front Derailleur
Shimano Deore XT M770 Front Derailleur 168g $49.99
Sram X.9 9SP Front Derailleur 160g $38.00
Shimano Deore XT M771 Front Derailleur 158g $40.00
ShimanoSLX M660/661 Front Derailleur 158g $50.00
Shimano SLX M665/7 Front Derailleur 163g $60.00
Sram XX Front Derailleur 118g $130.00
Rear Derailleurs: Wt Grams $ Cost  
I have my own Rear Derailleur
ShimanoLX M581 Rear Derailleur 275g $39.00
Shimano Deore M591 SGS Rear Derailleur 299g $59.99
Shimano Deore M592 SGS Shadow Derailleur 286g $59.99
Shimano SLX RD-M662 Rear Derailleur 260g $67.00
Sram X.9 9 Speed Rear Derailleur 2010 215g $69.99
Shimano XT model M772 227g $89.00
Sram X.9 9 Speed Rear Derailleur 215g $111.00
Shimano Saint RD-M810 Rear Derailleur 238g $139.00
Shifters: Wt Grams $ Cost  
I have my own Shifters
Shimano LX M580 9SP Trigger Shifters (includes cable not cable housing) 240g $49.00
Sram X.7 3X9 Trigger Shifter Set 240g $73.00
Shimano Deore SL-M590 9SPD Shift Levers 240g* $75.99
Shimano XTR SL-M970 Rapidfire Levers 215g $159.99
Sram X.0 Trigger Shifters (includes cabel, housing sold seperate) 225g $259.00
Crank Sets: Wt Grams $ Cost  
I have my own Crank Set
FSA Gamma Drive Mega Exo Crank With BB 1130g $87.00
Shimano LX FC-M582 Crankset 927g $89.00
Sram X7 GXP Crankset 3X9 2011 910g $163.00
Race Face Evolve Cranks 940g $134.99
Shimano XT FC-M780 Crankset 860g $249.00
Surly MR Whirly Crankset 1184g $325.00
Shimano Saint FC M810 Crankset 1090g $199.99
E.13 Triple XC Crankset W/BB 821g $309.95
Cassette: Wt Grams $ Cost  
I have my own Cassette
Sram PG 950 9 Speed Cassette 382g $29.00
Sram PG 980 9 Speed Cassette 304g $47.99
Sram PG 990 9 Speed Cassette 305g $67.99
Shimano Deore XT M770 9 Speed Cassette 297g $79.00
Shimano XTR M970 Cassette 224g $169.99
Hydraulic Brakes: (Sold by each weight and cost doubled for calc) Wt Grams $ Cost  
I have my own Hydraulic Brakes
Avid Elixir 5 Heat-Shedding Disc Brake (each $89.99, 392g) 784g $179.98
Hayes Stroker Ryde Disc Brake 2010 (each $99.99, 400g) 800g $199.98
Shimano SLX M666 Disc Brake Set (each $124.99, 310g) 620g $249.98
Avid Elixir CR Carbon Disc Brake (each $149.00, 375g) 750g $298.00
Avid Elixir R Disc Brake X7 (each $156.00, 375g) 750g $312.00
Avid Elixir CR Mag Disc Brake 2010 (each $165.00, 330g) 660g $330.00
Formula RX Disc Brake (each $186.00, 381g) 762g $373.90
Hayes Prime Pro Disc Brake (each $199.00, 385g) 770g $398.00
Avid Elixir CR Disc X9 Brake (each $228.00, 375g) 750g $456.00
Hayes Stroker Gram Disc Brake 2010 (each $229.99, 345g) 690g $459.98
Avid Elixir X.0 Hydraulic Disc Brake (each $261.00, 333g) 666g $522.00
Shimano Saint M810 Disc Brake Set (each $275.00, 285g) 570g $550.00
Formula R1 Disc Brake 2010 (each $329.95, 279g) 558g $659.90
Suspension Fork: Wt Grams $ Cost  
I have my own Fork
Rockshox Sektor RL 26 in. DP Coil Fork 2012 1837g $466.00
Rockshox Revelation RLT Ti Dual Air Fork 1769g $732.00
Fox 32 Float 140 RLC Fit Fork 2012 1699g $629.99
Rockshox Revelation RLT Ti 2Posiair Fork 1678g $825.00
Wheel Sets: (If not a set weight and cost doubled for calc) Wt Grams $ Cost  
I have my own Wheels
Shimano Deore Disc/Rhyno Lite Wheelset 2470g $95.00
Shimano XT Centerlock Mavic 717 Oe 1768g $189.00
Mavic Deetraks Disc Wheels 2010 Wheelset 2255g $289.99
Shimano XT WH-M778 Disc UST Wheelset (Front 959 grams Rear 1084 grams) 2033g $369.00
Azonic Outlaw Wheelset 2452g $399.99
Stan20s Notubes Flow 26 in. Disc Wheelset 1725g $515.00
Easton Havoc Wheel Gray Color 1750g $555.00
Industry Nine Cross Country 26 in. Wheelset 1610g $1085.00
Tires: (all weight and cost are double for calc) Wt Grams $ Cost  
I have my own Tires
Maxxis Ardent Steel Bead Tire ($21.99)(1220g)(2.4 in) 2440g $43.98
CST Copperhead Tire ($13.99)(620g) 1240g $27.98
Kenda Smoke-Style Tire ($15.99)(700g) 1400g $31.98
Geax Evolution Tire ($17.99)(800g) 1600g $35.98
Kenda Kross Plus Tire ($18.50)(592g) 1184g $37.00
WTB Velociraptor Tire ($21.99)(795g) 1590g $43.98
Maxxis Ignitor Folding Tire 2009 ($24.99)(510g) 1020g $49.98
Serfas Karver LT ($20.00)(580g) 1160g $40.00
Ritchey Speedmax Beta 26 in. Tire ($23.69)(568g) 1136g $47.38
Kenda Kinetics K Tire ($29.99)(700g) 1400g $59.98
Panaracer UFF Da! ($27.00)(980g) 1960g $54.00
WTB Vulpine SL Race Tire 2010 ($22.99)(420g) 840g $45.98
Continental Trail King Wire Bead Tire ($29.95)(800g) 1600g $59.90
Continental Explorer 26 in. MTB Tire ($30.00)(525g) 1050g $60.00
Kenda Kozmik Lite Tire ($31.99)(460g) 920g $63.98
Intense Tire Systems 909 MTB Tire 2010 ($37.50)(870g) 1740g $75.00
Intense Tire Systems Invader MT Tire 2010 ($33.75)(852g) 1704g $67.50
Panaracer Rampage MTB Tire ($47.00)(700g) 1400g $94.00
Maxxis Ignitor Tire ($43.00)(755g) 1510g $86.00
WTB Mutano Tire 2010 ($35.00)(750g) 1500g $70.00
Panaracer Fire XC Pro Tire ($37.50)(575g) 1150g $75.00
Maxxis High Roller Tire ($38.99)(820g) 1640g $77.98
Kenda Karma Tire ($29.99)(598g) 1196g $59.98
Maxxis Ardent Folding TIRES1 ($56.00)(650g) 1300g $112.00
Stan20s The Raven MTB Tire ($62.95)(430g) 860g $125.90
Hutchinson Python NG Airlight ($54.95)(485g) 970g $109.90
Maxxis Minion Super Tacky DH Tire ($69.70)(1365g) 2730g $139.40
Continental Trail King Folding Tire ($59.95)(650g) 1300g $119.90
Continental Trail King UST Tire ($64.95)(1000g) 2000g $129.90
Maxxis Ardent Exo Tire ($67.00)(695g) 1390g $134.00
Nokian Extreme Tire ($100.00)(1050g) 2100g $200.00
Tubes: (all weight and cost are double for calc) Wt Grams $ Cost  
I have my own Tubes
Slime Inner Tube - Presta ($6.99)(310g) 620g $13.98
Michelin Airstop 26 in. Presta Valve Tube ($6.00)(194g) 388g $12.00
Michelin Airstop Valve Route ($6.00)(175g) 350g $12.00
Maxxis Welter Weight Presta Valve Tube ($7.50)(163g) 326g $15.00
Slime Inner Tube - Schrader ($7.50)(310g) 620g $15.00
Michelin Aircomp Ultra Light 26 in. PV Tube ($7.50)(152g) 304g $15.00
Maxxis Welterweight Schrader Valve Tube ($7.75)(195g) 390g $15.50
Slimelite Presta Valve Tube ($11.00)(219g) 438g $22.00
Maxxis Presta DH Tube ($14.99)(453g) 906g $29.98
Maxxis Schraeder DH Tube ($14.99)(440g) 880g $29.98
Head Set: Wt Grams $ Cost  
I have my own Head Set
FSA Pig Headset 180g $21.99
Woodman Axis SL Comp Headset 117g $27.99
FSA Big Fat Pig Headset 250g $33.00
Cane Creek Double X Headset 222g $35.00
Ritchey Logic Pro Headset 130g $48.79
Cane Creek Aer Headset (Is 33g, Traditional 46g) 50g $125.00
Campagnolo Record Threadless Headset 118g $130.00
Cane Creek Angleset Headset ZS49 132g $149.99
Cane Creek Angleset ZS44 112g $149.00
Cane Creek Angleset ZS44 .5,1.0,1.5 Kit 112g $189.00
Seat Post: Wt Grams $ Cost  
I have my own Seat Post
Kalloy Laprade Seatpost 350g $17.99
Syncros FR Seatpost Oe (31.6 Only) 320g $23.00
Azonic HD1 Seat Post 303g $49.99
Easton Vice Seatpost 355g $50.00
SDG Carbon Micro X-Beam Seatpost 200g $103.99
Easton EC70 Carbon Seatpost 225g $79.99
Gravitydropper Decender Seatpost 376g $175.00
Crank Brothers Cobalt 11 Carbon Seatpost 157g $199.99
Gravitydropper Seatpost W/Hbar Remote 475g $220.00
Kindshock Supernatural-R Seatpost 125mm 512g $269.00
Handle Bars: Wt Grams $ Cost  
I have my own Handle Bars
Ritchey Pro Flat Bar 160g $38.99
Race Face Next SL Flat Handlebar (carbon) 125g $109.99
Ritchey Wcs-Carbon Flat Bar 135g $115.00
Saddle: Wt Grams $ Cost  
I have my own Saddle
Ritchey Marathon-2 Saddle Leather 223g $59.99
WTB Pure V Race Saddle 355g $42.99
WTB Rocket V Race Saddle 355g $49.95
WTB Pure V Pro Saddle 250g $65.00
SDG I-FLY Storm I-Beam Saddle 2012 178g $79.99
WTB Rocket V Team Saddle 214g $119.95
Pedals: Wt Grams $ Cost  
I have my own Pedals
DMR V8 Pedal 520g $29.99
Shimano PD-M520 Pedal (clipless) 370g $35.00
Sun/Ringle Zu-Zu Pedals 565g $49.99
Crank Brothers Candy 1 Pedals (clipless) 262g $55.99
Azonic 420 Flat Pedals 430g $73.99
Crank Brothers Egg Beater 3 Pedals (clipless) 278g $115.99
Stem: Wt Grams $ Cost  
I have my own Stem
Easton EA70 Stem (6 deg, 25.4-26-31.8mm, 110-130mm) 165g $3.99
Race Face Deus Stem (6 deg, 31.8mm, 70-120mm) 135g $19.99
Easton EA50 4 Bolt Stem Oe 2010 169g $19.99
Answer Rove DJ Stem (0 deg, 31.8mm, 35-50mm, colors) 250g $59.99
Crank Brothers Cobalt 11 Carbon Stem 125g $284.99
Handle Bar Grips: Wt Grams $ Cost  
I have my own Grips
Velo Double Density Grips 80g $5.00
Stolen Team Grip (colors) 100g* $7.00
Velo Handlz D2W Ergo MTN Grips 176g $7.00
Crank Brothers Iodine Lock-On Grips 101g $23.99
Ergon Performance Grips 170g $24.99
Chain: Wt Grams $ Cost  
I have my own Chain
Sram PC-971 9SP Chain 298g $21.99
Shimano HG-73 9SP Chain 305g $22.99
Sram PC-951 9SP Chain 297g $23.00
Sram PC-991 Hollow Pin 9SP Chain 285g $37.99
Shimano HG-93 9SP Chain 305g $32.99
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